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Exploring the Wonders of Dental Bonding

dental bonding in Plantation, FL

Exploring the Wonders of Dental Bonding

dental bonding in Plantation, FL

Not everyone is prepared to have veneers applied, nor does every patient necessarily need them. Our Greater Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentists may find that the tooth imperfections you have can be corrected, and your smile dreams fulfilled, with dental bonding.

Here’s what you should know about the dental bonding procedure and how it can improve how you feel about your teeth.

Understanding the Concept of Dental Bonding

Earning its name from the ability of the composite resin to literally bond to a tooth, dental bonding is one of the quicker cosmetic procedures out there. The entire process involves minimal tooth preparation, application of tooth-colored material, sculpting, hardening, and polishing for a beautiful result.

Smaller smile restorations are best served by bonding and should be cosmetic in nature. If you have a tooth that is more severely damaged, our dentists will need to turn to a restorative form of treatment like dental crowns. The decision to move forward with cosmetic bonding will ultimately come down to the state of your tooth.

For example, a cracked tooth can be remedied by bonding or the damage could be extensive enough that it demands more protection. Our dentists will let you know what we feel is best for your smile in terms of functionality and appearance.

The Pros & Perks of Dental Bonding

Every dental procedure has its own set of benefits that make it worth the effort for patients. Teeth bonding is no different and promises several positive takeaways. One of which is the low time commitment compared to other similar treatments.

Depending on how many teeth are being bonded, it can take our dentists anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, require multiple visits to our Plantation, FL, dental office to complete everything.

Choosing cosmetic bonding also means:

  • An easy and fast procedure
  • A seamless solution for cracked, gapped, chipped, misshapen, or discolored teeth
  • Much less tooth enamel (if any) removed
  • An affordable end cost
  • No numbing or anesthesia needed

Weighing Your Options: Bonding & Veneers

The biggest difference between dental bonding and veneers is that the latter is more involved. That’s right, the process of placing porcelain veneers requires slightly more enamel to be removed to allow for a proper fit once the tooth-colored “shells” are adhered. Tooth enamel can’t grow back on its own so patients will want to be aware of the modification being made before committing to veneers.

The goal of dental bonding is to be minimally invasive. Many patients appreciate that the results are not dramatic, and the process is perfect for minor repairs. No outside dental lab is needed for bonding either. Our dentists have the composite resin already available which is what helps the treatment be completed in just one visit.

Veneers may be right for you if you have a whole row of front-facing teeth you’d like to see transformed. Bonding can also restore multiple teeth at a time but is fastest when there’s one or two in question. Because it’s used for tooth-colored fillings as well, composite resin is great for withstanding the chewing forces of back teeth.

Get a Sneak Peek With PreVu®

Are you interested in bonding, veneers, or another cosmetic dental procedure but just can’t wait to see what the results will look like? We here at Barr Dental Group are thrilled to share that we use PreVu® dental software in our office!

With PreVu, our dentists can utilize this quick, easy cosmetic simulation and smile design tool to help you envision how your teeth will look after treatment is complete. No more wondering or dreaming up hypotheticals; we can show you in real time what you can expect. Seeing truly is believing with the help of PreVu!

Redefine Your Smile With Dental Bonding

Our cosmetic dentists serving Plantation and Greater Fort Lauderdale, FL, can walk you through the process if dental bonding sounds like a natural next step for your smile. Call Barr Dental Group today at (954) 327-7400 to request an appointment.