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5 Game-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

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5 Game-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

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If you’re searching for a healthy, confident smile, you’ve likely heard about dental implants. These metal posts that help fill in gaps left by missing teeth have emerged as a solid solution that not only offer a seamless, natural appearance but enhanced functionality as well. Our Greater Fort Lauderdale dental implant dentists would be happy to evaluate your candidacy.

In the meantime, here are 5 advantages exclusive to dental implants.

An Overview of Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium that is embedded into your jawbone. They are designed to permanently replace teeth that have been lost and closely resemble a small screw. A dental crown is placed on top to complete the look.

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone is no longer stimulated in that area. This may not seem like much, but your jawbone needs stimulation to remain healthy. With no tooth root present, your body will begin to absorb the minerals in the area of the jaw that used to surround the tooth. Over time, this can lead to the loss of facial structure, or facial collapse.

The placement of dental implants helps to replace the missing tooth root and can keep your jawbone happy for years to come.

Compared to Dentures, Opting for Dental Implants:

1. Means Permanent & Secure Tooth Replacement

Since full and partial dentures are removable, there is a chance that they can shift when you’re talking or eating. While this movement can be corrected by gently biting down and swallowing or seeing our dentists for an adjustment, it can still cause you to feel self-conscious.

The dental implant procedure, on the other hand, surgically embeds the posts in your jaw so they’re not going anywhere. There is no risk of them moving at inopportune times and no need to practice getting used to them during the day.

2. Doesn’t Affect Your Oral Hygiene Routine

The wonderful thing about dental implants is that they require the same amount of care as natural teeth. That means thoroughly brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting our Plantation, FL, dental office for teeth cleanings every 6 months.

To clean dentures, you need to remove them to gently brush off food debris and plaque buildup. You must also place them in a denture cleanser or glass of water to soak when they’re not in your mouth. If left out, you risk having them dry out, crack, or warp. None of that maintenance or worry exists with dental implants.

3. Prevents Additional Loss of Bone, Teeth, & Facial Structure

As explained above, a missing tooth root leads to the reabsorption of minerals in the jawbone. In as little as 10 or 20 years, this process can result in facial collapse which is a serious health condition.

Missing teeth can also directly cause teeth adjacent to the gap to tilt toward the open space and crowd each other. When these teeth shift, they increasingly become in danger of falling out due to lack of support. You can prevent this from happening with dental implants.

4. Equals a Natural-Looking & Functional Result

No one will know by looking at your smile that you have a dental implant, let alone had a tooth missing. Paired with a porcelain crown, implants do not stand out amongst your other teeth and allow you to eat whatever you’d like.

Forget having to take out false teeth and limit your consumption of tough, hard, sticky, or crunchy foods. With dental implants, you are free to enjoy all of your favorites without any worries.

5. Eliminates a Need for Adjustments or Adhesives 

Sometimes dentures need minor adjustments in order to fit appropriately. To further secure them in place, messy adhesives can also be used. Because implants are surgically put into your jaw by our dentists, no adhesives or routine adjustments are required. After you’ve fully healed from the procedure, you’re ready to get back to regular life.

Talk Dental Implants With Our Dentists

From their unmatched durability and natural appearance to the convenience they offer, dental implants are not just an investment in your smile—they’re an investment in your health, confidence, and the way you experience life. Call Barr Dental Group at (954) 327-7400 to request an appointment with our dental implant dentists serving Plantation and Greater Fort Lauderdale, FL.