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Restorative Dentistry

Partial Dentures Dentist Ft Lauderdale Fl

Dealing with tooth loss and other oral health setbacks can be hard. Fortunately, our Greater Fort Lauderdale, FL, dentists can restore missing teeth in a variety of ways and get you back to feeling like yourself. Unexpected emergencies or issues caused by lax oral hygiene, it doesn’t matter. We’re here to help you and your smile regardless.

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Dental Implants Dentist Near Me

Dental Implants

Designed to resemble a screw and often made of titanium, a dental implant acts as an artificial replacement for a tooth root. Our dentists can permanently place the implant so there’s no risk of it shifting in your mouth at inopportune times. Once the area has fully healed, we’ll attach a dental crown to complete the seamless restoration.
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Full And Partial Dentures Near Me

Full & Partial Dentures

Sometimes patients prefer to have a removable option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck as our dentists also offer dentures in addition to more in-depth procedures like dental implants. With dentures, we can help you restore anything from a few teeth to an entire arch. Whatever you need, we’ll work to provide you with a natural-looking and functional solution.
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Dental Bridges

People in your life will be hard pressed to notice where you once had teeth missing after our dentists place a dental bridge. That’s because the permanent appliance can be made to perfectly match the color of your natural tooth enamel and fit comfortably in between two support teeth. You only need to have at least one tooth missing to qualify for a dental bridge.
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Dental Crowns Dentist Near Me

Dental Crowns

Broken or otherwise weakened teeth can be covered by dental crowns to improve strength and appearance. Though they can also be viewed as a cosmetic solution for severely discolored teeth, crowns are predominantly recommended by our dentists in situations where areas of your smile have experienced some degree of damage.
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Tooth Colored Fillings Dentist Plantation Fl

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Patients with cavities no longer only have one option when it comes to treatment. Despite their continued use, traditional metal amalgam fillings are increasingly being phased out for a more toned down alternative. Our dentists prefer tooth-colored fillings because not only do they get the job done, they don’t stand out for everyone to see.
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Tooth Extractions Dentist Near Plantation Fl

Tooth Extractions

Though it is a scenario that our dentists will always aim to avoid, not every tooth can be saved. If it becomes apparent that all other restorative treatments are not going to work, we will pursue tooth extraction for the sake of your oral health. The procedure is straightforward and with anesthesia, results in little to no discomfort.
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Root Canal Dentist Near Me

Root Canals

When the inside of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, our dentists will employ the root canal procedure. Root canals in general are so effective because they serve to eliminate the presence of bacteria from within the tooth, prevent reinfection, and save the tooth from extraction. They’re also not as scary as their reputation would suggest!
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Dental Emergency Dentist Plantation Fl

Emergency Dentistry

It can be downright impossible to predict or prevent every dental emergency. The best thing you can do when something happens with your smile is to seek immediate care from our dentists sooner rather than later. We’ll examine the area in question and proceed with the form of treatment that makes the most sense.
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